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Useful considerations when buying a rowing machine

If you have decided to purchase a new rowing machine, then you have made a sound decision. This is because it is a great investment both for your fitness and health. You should note that rowing offers full-body workout, back shoulders, strengthening the muscle groups, and your legs. It will not have an impact on the joints.

The modern rowing machines provide variable resistance in various forms. It is easy to take advantage of these notwithstanding your fitness level. It is advisable to start on a slow note and increase over time. This will offer you an opportunity to try different rowing techniques.

Choosing a rowing machine

Type of machine

rower 523You should note that rowing machines are available in a broad range of styles. Also, they offer varying resistance mechanics. You can find them at different prices. Usually, they range from $500 to $3000. Although it is said that you get the value you pay for, the way you will be utilizing the machine will determine whether it meets your needs or not. It is not a must that you drain your account to get the best rowing machine 2018 that will meet your requirements and offer you several maintenance-free years.


The various components of rowing machines determine whether the rower is fine for you or not. The modern ones are built on a metal frame. However, you can find some models which are made of wood. Ensure the frame is heavy and sturdy enough. Also, the seat ought to slide effortlessly and smoothly. Most importantly, it should be comfortable. Modern rowers provide four major types of resistance. Ensure you choose the appropriate type of resistance that can meet your needs.

Piston-type rowers

In this case, resistance is provided by hydraulic or gas pistons, attached to the handlebars and the frame. You can change the resistance level manually by adjusting knobs. The good thing about these types of rowers is that they are well-priced.

Magnetic rowing machines

rower 5262tThese types of fitness machines have a flywheel that provides resistance. The majority of units provide 12 to 16 variable resistance levels. Most magnetic units are easy to fold for storage. These types of machines are quiet and offer a smooth rowing experience. However, they are a bit costly as compared to piston-type machines. After choosing the right type of resistance, you need to consider other features such as display monitor and the programming options of the rower. The display should be easy to read.…

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