French Badminton Federation (FFBaD) manage badminton in France since its creation in 1979.

The main goals of the federation are :

to direct
to stimulate
to organize
to regulate
to develop badminton practice

Badminton meet a huge increase of members in France!

70 000 members in 2000, 145 000 in 2010, and today more than 180 000, divided in more than 1900 clubs all over the country.

Badminton is the ultimate mixed sport, as 63% of players are men and 37% are women.

The key to success of badminton is its accessibility to everyone. A racket, sneakers, and you can play.

Small, tall, young, less young, everybody can play badminton and will quickly enjoy it.

Badminton has the advantage of enable a lot of players to play together in the same gymnasium about a friendly activity and at the root of relationships and social cohesion.

Olympic sport since 1992, badminton is the fastest sport known : the shuttle was hit at more than 400 km/h. Badminton is both tactic and physical.

Parabadminton will be for the first time part of the Paralympics in 2020 in Tokyo.


+ than 181 000 members
27 regional leagues
89 regional committees
1916 affiliated clubs
962 French Badminton Schools (EFB)
91 players per club on average
6 international umpires (including 3 BWF)
26 national umpires (2 certificated and 24 accreditated)
16 international referees (including 1 BWF and 7 BE)
58 national referees (9 certificated and 49 accreditated)
600 graduated National coaches including 153 DEJEPS


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15 June 2015
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