History of Badminton

la fillette au volantFrom Battledore and shuttlecock to badminton

A shuttlecock game already existed in the 16th century at the Court of Francis I and was practiced with rackets, but without rules. Women made rapidly their voices heard, since Queen Christina of Sweden was particularly fond of this game. She has even asked to men from her entourage to come play with her.

Scandal in the 17th century since it had a connotation of a girlish sport.

“A champagne cork, some feathers, and the shuttlecock was born.”

The Indian game called “Poona” is the nearest ancestor of badminton. This latter appeared in Europe in 1873 after some British officers coming back from India had fun practicing “Poona” with a champagne cork and feathers in their residence “Badminton House”. This residence gave its name to this new sport.


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