The European Badminton Championships takes place every two years since its inaugural event in 1968. The next European Championships will take place in 2016 in France. The council of Vendée is very much looking forward to welcoming you from the 26th April to the 1st of May 2016 in Vendee for an incredible week of high class badminton.
For the first time, France is the host country of the European Championships.

The European Championships title will be awarded in five categories: Women’s singles, Men’s singles, Women’s doubles, Men’s doubles and Mixed doubles.

After an internal applications process made by the French Badminton Federation in 2014 to find a host region, the committee of Vendée won the bidding process with the help of the regional council 85. The French Federation will host the prestigious event with the help of the committee 85.

Key figures

1st European Championships in France

24th instance of the European Championships

300 players

3 referees

20 umpire

40 line judges

6 days of tournament

150 volunteers

20 000 spectators forecasted

30 hours of TV broadcast


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15 June 2015
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